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Looking for a safe sensible 15hh -15.2 for someone returning


  • Looking for a safe sensible 15hh -15.2 for someone returning
Looking for a safe sensible 15hh -15.2 f...

Do you have that paragon saint needing a new home ? Perhaps you are wanting to move up in your ambitions or you have a horse wanting to reduce workload but still wanting a nice ridden life .I have a lady who learnt when she was younger who is returning back to her passion and having lessons .She is looking for a nice safe mannerly horse who will give her confidence to pursue her passion again .As we get older we dont mend so quickly so she is not looking for the challenge or a youngster at this stage .Although she hs placed a maximum age of 14 ..i assume because she does intend to keep the horse for as long as possible in work.


If you have this perfect friend then please do contact me ..SHE DOES have a fair budget if this includes well fitting tack .

If you have the ideal match then i will also give you a free copy of my new book 

The Wild Filly and  a photo book cover so you can at least have a photo taken together before your friend moves on 



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